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Healthy Sushi Options

Healthy Sushi Options

Team – Here are some tips on picking the healthiest sushi rolls on the menu.

As you all know, I love sushi! I blogged my 5 tips for keeping sushi healthy, but I have to constantly remind myself that there are restrictions on eating sushi. Some rolls are packed with sodium, fat, and calories. really hit the nail on the head with this article, The Healthiest Choices at the Sushi Bar. I try to use these tips every time I stop by my local sushi bar. And I even put them to the test last night during a late night sushi run.

Tips for Staying Healthy at the Sushi Bar

1. Start With an Appetizer

Check out the menu and get Edameme to start your dinner. I love Edamame, these soy beans are high in protein, fiber, and micronutrients.

2. Avoid Certain Words on the Menu

Scan the menu for these words: Tempura, Spicy, Philly/Philadelphia and Soy Sauce.

AHH! They’re everywhere. Try to sick with rolls that are sauce-less and lay off the soy sauce. It’s sodium city!

Yum! It was amazing.

3. Drink Water

The rice and fish always make me very thirsty. Drink water and you’ll sleep like a happy camper. Just like this guy, ha!

I told ya last time I would make better choice the next time I had the chance. And I did!

Now talk about it: Are you healthy when ordering Sushi? Why or why not?



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Healthy Sushi Options
Healthy Sushi Options
Healthy Sushi Options
Healthy Sushi Options
Healthy Sushi Options